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  Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00-B99)

Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00-B99)

Use Additional Code:
code to identify resistance to antimicrobial drugs (Z16.-)
   Arthropod-borne viral fevers and viral hemorrhagic fevers (A90-A99)
   Bacterial and viral infectious agents (B95-B97)
   Certain zoonotic bacterial diseases (A20-A28)
   Helminthiases (B65-B83)
   Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease (B20)
   Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission (A50-A64)
   Intestinal infectious diseases (A00-A09)
   Mycoses (B35-B49)
   Other bacterial diseases (A30-A49)
   Other diseases caused by chlamydiae (A70-A74)
   Other human herpesviruses (B10)
   Other infectious diseases (B99)
   Other spirochetal diseases (A65-A69)
   Other viral diseases (B25-B34)
   Pediculosis, acariasis and other infestations (B85-B89)
   Protozoal diseases (B50-B64)
   Rickettsioses (A75-A79)
   Sequelae of infectious and parasitic diseases (B90-B94)
   Tuberculosis (A15-A19)
   Viral and prion infections of the central nervous system (A80-A89)
   Viral hepatitis (B15-B19)
   Viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesions (B00-B09)

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