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claimWizard Pro© Medical Claim-Scrubber

Our premier medical claim-scrubbing software helps you submit only correct and compliant codes to the payers on first submission. It helps you reduce denials, accelerate your payment cycle and increase revenue.
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Improve your ability to code and bill correctly with claimWizard claim-scrubbers

One of the main benefits of our claim scrubber is that it helps users select more precise codes by applying the many built-in medical edits. Our software helps you eliminate coding oversights and ensures accurate coding. It also ensures your claims meet all nationally-accepted coding guidelines and standards. Frequently, this results in less denials and a higher reimbursement level.

Another benefit of claimWizard Pro code scrubber is the cross-walk feature which automatically matches the ICD-10 diagnosis codes with the appropriate CPT/HCPCS codes within your encounter thus showing the medical necessity for procedures performed. Very often it is difficult for the medical records staff to find the CPT code that accurately corresponds to ICD-10 coding. Staff members may spend valuable time flipping from one book to the other, searching indexes, only to select matching codes with mixed results. With claimWizard Pro claim scrubber errors stemming from mismatched codes have been virtually eliminated, and the time to match codes has been significantly reduced.

Another big plus, according to the users, are timely upgrades. Medical records departments estimate reimbursements increase because they are now sure the diagnosis is being coded accurately all the time, leading to the highest reimbursement level allowable for each case. The time to code a typical patient record has also been reduced by 10% and as a result the physicians are getting proper reimbursement for their services.

claimWizard Pro claim-scrubber can substantially increase reimbursements by simplifying the coding process, helping to identify overlooked diagnoses and alerting coders to possible missing procedures. Studies have shown that 15% to 20% of cases marked for review are re-coded for higher reimbursement. Factors such as patient gender, age, diagnoses, procedures and discharge status are used to fine tune the data.

Benefits of using claimWizard Pro claim-scrubber

 claimWizard Pro "scrubs" your medical claims before submitting to the payers.
 Make sure physicians submit only compliant claims and minimize claim rejection.
 Help medical coders to bill more accurate and in timely fashion.
 Reduce claim denials.
 Find missing charges from your encounter.
 Optimize RVUs in your medical encounter.
 Receive real time results.
 Accelerate reimbursement cycle and increase cash-flow.
 Reduce submission costs.
 Always up-to-date with the updates from the government agencies.
 Include all medical specialties (except Anesthesia).
 User-friendly interface.
 Low cost per user.
 No additional software or hardware required.
 Extremely secure, HIPAA compliant.
 Provide services 24/7. 365-days a year.
 Does not require a long-term contract.

Here is a list of features included with claimWizard Pro claim-scrubber:

 International Classification of Diseases ICD-10-CM - Tabular listing
 International Classification of Diseases ICD-10-CM - Index to Diseases
 International Classification of Diseases ICD-9 Volume I - Tabular listing
 International Classification of Diseases ICD-9 Volume II - Index to Diseases
 Current Procedural Terminology CPT codes
 CPT Code Modifiers
 HCPCS Level II Codes
 HCPCS Level II Modifiers
 All medical specialties except Anesthesia
 Medical Necessity crosswalk matches your diagnosis codes to the procedures they justify
 List of codes on the denied list for each diagnosis or procedure code
 NCD/LCD Coverage
 NCCI Bundling/Unbundling Edits
 National Physician Fee Schedule - RVU, Global Surgery, etc.
 Medicare contractors by state
 Hundreds of claim-scrubbing edits

Five levels of medical coding edits:

 Encounter-wide Edits - Verify the demographic data of your Encounters
 Code Specific Edits - Check whether each code exists and is valid
 Automatic Crosswalk Edits - Match the Procedures and the Diagnoses in your Encounters
 Procedure to Diagnosis Edits - Check each Procedure against each Diagnosis in your Encounters
 Procedure to Procedure Edits - Check each Procedure against each other Procedure in your Encounters

Security and availability:

 HIPAA compliant. Highest level of security.
 Provides service 24/7. 365 days/year

Presenting claimWizard Lite

Our user-friendly claim-scrubber has a FREE version now. Not just trial-period FREE. It's FREE forever. Sign-up and start using it now.

Use our free claim-editing software to verify that your CMS-1500 medical claims are compliant with the latest National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Edits. claimWizard Lite© lets you scrub your HCPCS® or CPT® procedures for Provider and Hospital Outpatient claims against the latest coding edits from CMS for no charge. All you need to do is Sign-up for a user account.

NCCIs were developed by CMS and are based on coding conventions defined in the American Medical Association's CPT manual, national and local policies and medical edits, coding guidelines developed by national societies, analysis of standard medical and surgical practices, and a review of current coding practices.

claimWizard© Lite is updated quarterly and includes both Column1/Column 2 Correct Coding Edit (formerly known as Comprehensive/Component Edit) and Mutually Exclusive Edit.

Claim-scrubbing with claimWizard Pro - version comparison

claimWizardclaimWizard LiteclaimWizard Pro
Type of claimsPhysicianPhysician
Claim formCMS 1500CMS 1500

Web-Based claim editorYesYes
User-friendly interfaceYesYes
Automatic updatesYesYes
Can interface to any EMR/EHR or a Practice Management SystemYesYes
Available 24/7YesYes

Number of providers1Unlimited
Access to a database with
all registered providers in the US

Show CPT code descriptionsNoYes
Accept CPT ModifiersNoYes
Auto-complete CPT CodesNoYes
Auto-complete CPT ModifiersNoYes
Show HCPCS Code DescriptionNoYes
Accept HCPCS ModifiersNoYes
Auto-complete HCPCS CodesNoYes
Auto-complete HCPCS ModifiersNoYes
Show ICD-10 Code descriptionsNoYes
Auto-complete ICD-10 codesNoYes

CCI EditsYesYes
claimWizard© proprietary editsNoYes
Medical Necessity EditsNoYes
Calculate RVUNoYes
Sequencing by highest RVU editNoYes
Identifies deleted codesNoYes
Accommodates global fee periodsNoYes

Hundreds of other code edits including Ultimate Specificity, Gender, Age, and Service Type specific, Add-On Procedure, etc.NoYes

Custom User EditsNoYes

You have an EHR/EMR or a Practice Management (PM) Software package and you want to include claim-scrubbing functionality within it? Please contact us.

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