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- Medical coding reference software

Reference Wizard is much more than just an electronic version of your coding books. It allows you to search by a code or a medical term, view the short and full code description, cross-reference NCCI, LCD, medical necessity and allowed medical procedures or diagnoses, age, gender and hundreds of other medical edits, mapping to ICD-10 codes, Library with relevant regulation documents for each medical code. Calculate Medicare Fee Schedule and RVUs. Read more.

- Evaluation and Management Leveler

E/M Wizard will calculate your Evaluation and Management levels assuring correct compliance coding with claims submissions. Instilling confidence that the most appropriate and highest level E/M code is submitted, the E/M Wizard works to avoid up or down-coding leading of the highest possible reimbursement rates and complete confidence in the face of potential audit. Read more.

- Premier medical claim-scrubber

claimWizard Pro. Our premier claim-scrubber will help you validate your medical claims against hundreds of edits and millions of code pairs to guarantee your medical codes are compliant and correct before submitting them to the payers. Read more.

- FOREVER FREE medical claim-scrubber

claimWizard Lite. Our free claim-scrubber is not "trial period" free. It's FREE FOREVER. claimWizard Lite is a must-have for any medical coder, biller, auditor, or student. It validates your medical claims against the latest NCCIs provider by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Read more.

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Free - Hundreds of news feeds
With every subscription you get to use our Dashboard which allows you to channel hundreds of sources of Medical Newsletters at one place. Sources include CMS, Medicare, AMA, FDA, AAPC, AHIMA, and hundreds of others. Select what interests you and always stay on top of the news.

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